Berkshire Clubs

Career Awareness Program (CAP)

In partnership with the Preston Mitchum Jr. Foundation, we will again offer Career Awareness Project (CAP) , in which your child will be exposed to several different career choices. Some of the professionals who may be included in the project come from the fields of education, media, healthcare, aerospace, law enforcement, fine arts, fashion, information technology and non-profit management. The representatives will introduce their careers, discuss the skills necessary for success, suggest educational paths to follow to reach their goal, and answer any questions and concerns the students may have. 

Computer Science Club  

The Computer Science Club will give you an opportunity to learn how to create programs with loops, events, and conditionals. We’ll also write algorithms for everyday tasks! Students will discuss the impact of computers in society. Activities allow time for teamwork and independent thought to create a game or an artistic design.

Chess Club 

Every Thursday afternoon from 3:15 to 4:15, fourth and fifth graders from Berkshire Elementary school convene to play one of the oldest board games around! Students improve social skills, teamwork, creative thinking and problem solving as they face new opponents and learn new moves each week. These benefits transfer into the classroom when the boards are put away. Our club will also face chess clubs from around the county in a tournament this April! 5th Grade Teacher, James Matamoros moderates the club and provides new challenges for the students each week.

For more information contact: 5th Grade Teacher, James Matamoros at Berkshire Elementary School 410.887.7008

Math 24 Challenge 

Every Tuesday morning from 8:00 to 8:30 students in grades 3 through 5 enjoy participating in the Math 24 Challenge. The purpose of this club is to have students embark on a journey to recognize and better understand the relationship between numbers through a game. The Math 24 experience culminates with a school tournament in order to crown our school champion and send him or her to the county wide tournament. Kindergarten Teacher, Kristen Garlock (Leppert), will implement curriculum to engage students in higher level thinking and math reasoning.

For more information contact: Kristen Garlock at Berkshire Elementary School 410.887.7008